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2018 Zhongguancun Big Data Day is hosted by Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee,Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance, Beijing Institute of Big Data Research.Global Digital Economy Conference will be held in Zhongguancun Science Park conference center on December 10th.

With the theme of “New Strength, New vitality, NewMomentum-Digital economy drives economy to release new vitality and new imputes”, the conference invited academicians, scholars, domestic and foreign industry experts and well-known entrepreneurs to share speeches, focus on exhibiting outstanding contributions and achievements of Zhongguancun technology companies in the development of the digital economy.

In order to demonstrate the leading scientific and technological achievements of big data industry, reflect the innovation development and brand influence of Zhongguancun big data, continue to play a role of promoting in the development of industry,highlighting thenew vitality and new impetus of the digital economy-driven economy, “2018 Zhongguancun Big Data Day - Global Digital Economy Conference” will release out standing cases of big data. We are soliciting scientific and technological achievements (cases) of the big data industry around the world, and we hereby notify relevant matters as follows:

Introduction to the event

(I) Name of the event: 2018 Zhongguancun Big Data Day——Global Digital Economy Conference Outstanding Cases Show

(2) Exhibitiontime: December 10th, 2018

(III) Venue: Zhongguancun Science Park Conference Center

(4) Theme ofthe event:

The top ten outstanding cases will be released in conference, and  showed in the main forum in the afternoon, each excellent case performances will be held in the main forum in the afternoon, each case has 15 minutes.

After the performance, Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance will issue a commemorative certificate and collect it into the "Zhongguancun Big Data Day Top Ten Excellent Cases of the Year".

Collection range

(1) Objectsfor collection:

Enterprises,universities, research institutions, industry organizations and individuals worldwide.

(2) Collectioncontent:

The latest leading scientific and technological achievements (cases) in big data and related fields. The content of the case should ensure authenticity, and clarify the effectiveness,innovation, results and value in big data applications, and provide relevant supporting materials.

Collection method

(1) Submissionmethod

Send the email with name "Case Name +Release Unit (Person)" to the following emailaddress:

Case formsinclude, but are not limited to,PPT, graphic documents, video with text descriptions, and so on.

Case Application download address:

(2) Deadline

2018.11.30(Friday) 17:00 pm submission deadline, overdue will not be accepted.

(3) Contactinformation

Wang Weina 13810944775

Wang Xiaotong 18510263520

Media registration channel


Media can scanthe code to register, the organizing committee will arrange interviews with experts and entrepreneurs according to the interview needs.

2018 Zhongguancun Big Data Day

Organizing Committee

Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance

November 13, 2018

Conference schedule

8:55-9:00 Opening preparation

9:00-9:05 Presenter

9:05-9:15 Introduction to the conference,important leaders and guests

9:15-9:25 Speech by the leader of Ministry

9:25-9:35 Speech by the leader of Ministry

9:35-9:45 Speech by Beijing Government leader

9:45-10:05 Domestic academician speaking

10:05-10:25 International experts speaking

10:25-10:35 Sponsor:Vice-dean YangJingshuang  speaking

10:35-10:50 CEO of domestic representative company

10:50-11:05 CEO of foreign representative company

11:05-11:35 Top Ten Outstanding Cases of Big Data

11:35-11:50 Local government representative speaking

11:50-12:05 Ambassador of the leading country in the digital economy in China speaking

12:05-12:15 Sponsor:Ecretary-general Zhao Guodong speaking

由中关村科技园区管理委员会指导,中关村大数据产业联盟、北京大数据研究院主办的 2018年中关村大数据日——全球数字经济大会将于12月10日在中关村国家自主创新示范区会议中心盛大开幕。

本次大会以“数实力 新活力 新动力—— 数字经济驱动经济释放新活力和新动力”为主题,邀请院士学者、国内外产业专家、知名企业家发表演讲,重点展示以中关村为核心的高科技企业在发展数字经济领域做出的卓越贡献与成果。




















2018.11.30(周五)下午17:00 报送截止,逾期不予受理。


王维纳 13810944775  

王晓彤 18510263520










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